Goats are registered

Goats are registered

Monday, March 30, 2009

Baby Chicks

It's been almost a week since this picture, and "boy are they growing fast!" This is my first experience with baby chickens, I purchased 9, thinking I might loose one or two. To my joy, all are thriving :) . I have read so many articles as I always do when I am getting a new pet, and was scared to see how many things can go wrong with baby chicks. I brought them home and watched, and cleaned, and cleaned, and watched them grow before my eyes. They are so cute and my children are getting a kick out of them too. Almost a week in, I can see they are going to need more boxes...LOL!

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awww! So cute! I remember when ours chickens were that small. They sure do grow fast!
I bet your kids just adore their soft fluffy feathers and hand feeding them, too.

I've been meaning to connect with you for a while, but my inbox was so full and I've been way behind in replying.

How old is your daughter with Aspergers? Maybe we could get them together sometime? I'd love to talk with you more and learn how you cope, etc. My e-mail is Twinville2 at yahoo dot com

I noticed that you also have mini horses. My daughter has been begging for a pony as my horse scares her and she won't sit on her at all.

Mini ponies are also nice because they aren't so intimidating to be around. We may have to keep out eyes open for one.

Well, talk to you soon.
Thanks again for visiting me at my blog,

Tijeras, NM