Goats are registered

Goats are registered

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Not titled

I felt this poem well up and just needed to write it down. =)

Tender is the night swept away by dawn
Creatures awake to another day gone
Scurrying and hurrying through busy lives
It’s a wonder how the spirit survives
Day at the end they slip back in bed
Yet another day gone without the spirit being fed
Maybe tomorrow in the light of the day
One little prayer they’ll remember to say
Maybe tomorrow something will come
And wash away the pain of the people who are numb
Casting away afflictions they held on to for years
Last opening of wounds, last shedding of tears
For your people I will always pray
Until the day we are with you to stay

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Anonymous said...

Here's the pictures of "The Hawking Party" also the Francise Updike I told you about.